MC said on February 04, 2007

hmm tryed to paste 'FFFFDE' value in/ENTER , and expected that sliders would move acordingly and calculations would changed. Did not.

This feature would be a must.

Otherwise, the greates peace of contrast calculator I could find


MC said on February 08, 2007

correction, this does not work in IE 7.0 at least, works on FF

Bob said on June 24, 2007

Great tool!

sangesh said on September 14, 2007

this is a great tool for designers

just awesome.

Malcolm said on October 22, 2008

It's a great tool for sure to help those with poor vision read text better.

However, what's the point in worrying about contrasting colours if your site doesn't allow those with poor vision to resize their text using the browsers default settings?

Hmmm... :)

Jonathan Snook said on October 22, 2008

@Malcolm: The current version of all major browsers have mechanisms for increasing the size of elements (either via page zoom or text resizing). The percentage of people still using IE6, using a site with a reasonable font size to begin with, and that still require text to be resized larger isa€”speculatively, of coursea€”quite small.

If you're in an organization that still uses IE6, you could always lodge a request requiring Firefox or IE7 be installed for accessibility reasons. Many organizations cater to those with accessibility needs (such as wheelchair access, keyboards and trackballs to minimize RSI, etc).

Sean Phelan said on November 05, 2008

Excellent tool. Can I confirm whether you consider this tool valid for all contrast checking or specifically text. The reason I ask is we are trying to work out whether these rules apply to graphs as well.

Malcom said on November 18, 2008

@Jonathan : I know browsers have mechanisms that resize the text. I was mentioning it because this website doesn't allow the text to be resized in any browser. "Zoom" was created as a cheat by browsers to get around the fact that most sites don't work properly. It also means that by forcing people to zoom you also create a horizontal scrollbar for them. Have you tried browsing your site at the popular resolution of 1024x764 at 120% zoom?

"Quite small" is still more than nobody and still a minority to discriminate against.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned the font size was because... well... if you're going to be that worried about contrasting colours then you may aswell be equally worried about those small number of people you can't view the site :)))

If you're not, you can just use them same excuse for not doing it...

"The percentage of people with major colour blindness is quite small. If you're in an organization you can always lodge a request to have a browser that allows for stylesheet overriding. This way, you can view ALL sites on the internet using the colour scheme you prefer and not just the ones who predicted what your type of colour blindness is".

But yes, your site is very pretty and well thought out graphically.
Well done :)

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