If you set tabindex='0' it becomes focusable and in the natural flow, but if you set tabindex='' it is not focusable at all.

On an anchor:
If you set tabindex='0' there is no change from tabindex='' since anchors are normally focusable.

If it turns out to be useful, perhaps the W3C should add the -1 behavior to their recommendation.

Emrah Baskaya said on January 21, 2007

I am already using this technique to give my custom scrollbar solution keyboard accessibility, it surely works wonders, and more authors need to embrace this solution (e.g. a dynamic navigation menu that uses javascript should also cover for people that browse with keyboards. Not that I have done it for my own site yet but I am just blubbing!)

Also worth mentioning is, AFAIK, Opera has a keyboard navigation system that emulates mouseovers on anything that has onmouseover attached to it, allowing it to give keyboard focusability as if one was using a mouse, which is simply a nice feature.

Rahul said on December 21, 2008

But in certain cases TabIndex = 0 does not set the cursor at the control when form gets activate.

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