I read the free AIR Book from O'Reilly a few weeks ago and was quite impressed about the functionality the Runtime provides. It sure ain't much compared to a real desktop app, but still enough to develop rich applications for intranets or small tools like Snitter :)

I believe that currently most developers are still waiting for a final release of the runtime to start developing real applications. Even though I believe that the current beta is almost sufficent for full grown apps.

Lewis said on September 07, 2007

Thanks for the review, told me exactly what I wanted to know :) I think I'll wait until the next release until I start playing around with it.

James Constable said on September 07, 2007

I've used the HTML/CSS capabilities of Air, teamed up with jQuery to build some small data collection apps for clients who often attend exhibitions where they have no network connection.

The built in database means that data can be collected offline and synced with an online system when an internet connection is detected.

I'm really liking toying with it at the moment and hope i get the opportunity to implement some other stuff in the near future.

Goulven said on September 08, 2007

use position:fixed but set the top and bottom to 0.

You've probably read that in Conflicting absolute positions on A List Apart.
I've tested the same kind of magic using negative margins, which quite incredibly seems to work reliably cross-browser.

Marko Mihelcic said on September 10, 2007

I'm looking forward to the new UI of snitter,
I did play around a bit and I hope it'll turn out something like this http://flickr.com/photos/markomihelcic/1351609360/


Jonathan Snook said on September 10, 2007

@Gouven: Thank you! Yes, that is the article I was thinking of.

@Marko: thanks Marko for chipping in. :)

reza said on September 18, 2007


Kjell Bublitz said on September 22, 2007

Thanks - This article finally made me surf over to the Adobe website. Like it was mentioned before, i was always like: What the hell is AIR, what's Apollo,.. Adobe?? Framework? Ajax? Can't be any good :D

I just installed it and checked out some videos. If it really turns out to be as "cool" as it looks, i think i gonna stick with it this fall and join the band :).

Kjell Bublitz said on September 22, 2007

Okay.. couple hours later - i checked out the AIR update for Flash CS3: No code-hinting yet! Installed Aptana then: No debugging, but easier editing (top notch JS support)

Can't have both for now, so it seems. If the update would be more complete (hinting for newbs included) i would start right away and definetly recommend the beta.

Conclusion so far: HTML sounds tempting but at the longe range just makes no sense (its just a standalone html window after all). Flash/AS3 sounds much more like it! Hope they release a new update soon.

stef said on October 18, 2007

thanks for the article jonathan! all the best - stef

Ajai said on January 17, 2009


Could you please let me know wether which is good to use in adobe air development flex or html?

Jonathan Snook said on January 18, 2009

Ajai: I think you can go either way and really depends on what you're comfortable with. With Flex, there are more resources out there simply because more people are developing with it.

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