# set your basic class stuff here

class B < A
# set stuff special to B here

If you read all A from the database, things which are actually of type B will come back as a B.

Jonathan Snook said on November 13, 2004

Sorry... I miswrote. It's the lack of multi-table inheritence that I'd have problems with. RubyonRails handles single table inheritence very well. :)

David said on November 30, 2004

When you look at the path between HTTP Request and HTTP Response back to the client... it would simply be much quicker to develop using an ISAPI, NSAPI, or Apache Module, rather than the scripting languages if you're after sheer flexibility and speed (Interpreted PHP Vs Compiled C++, no contest)

I am surprised at how quickly you knocked ASP.Net off, but granted, if your main targets are the PHP freeloaders (c'mon... they are! ;) ) then fair enough, but having a few years of PHP and recently taking up DotNet, I believe I'm qualified to say that ASP.Net is a better option for CMS Development than PHP

But hey... I don't know the projects requirements enough to demand that you use Mono instead oh PHP

Hope it goes well for you though :)

Jonathan Snook said on November 30, 2004

My hesitation with Mono as with Ruby had a little to do with how new each project is. I want to be sure that I'm building on top of a proven foundation. PHP is at version 5 and Postgresql is turning 8 soon.

And, as mentioned, there are simply just more developers who deal with PHP than a Mono environment.

Creating ISAPI, NSAPI or Apache modules would probably be a best case scenario for the reasons you mention but outside of what I feel I could take on right now.

And I hope it goes well for me, too. :)

Baris Balic said on December 05, 2006

Hey Jon,

Just wondered if you've done any comparative work between scripted and compiled languages and the speed at which they operate, I would be surprised if PHP were faster than .NET primarily due to the fact that more translations are going on. Although I agree there a number of levels to the composition of .NET specifically that might slow things down.

Jordi B said on March 15, 2007

in php you can enable a cache for scripts once they have been compiled. In this case, there is not so big difference in performance between them.

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