Essentially this book tells a lot about how networking evolved since the coldwar.

James said on March 31, 2007

Jon - I personally find Brendon Sinclair's insights into the business side of web development firms, which he gives away freely in the sitepoint newsletter he writes - the Sitepoint Tribune:

Brendon's tips for running a firm from a business rather than a technical point of view provide valuable advice for the tech-savvy yet business inept among us.

Ian Halliday said on April 06, 2007

Great article Jon. I must admit that is one thing that really attracts me to the web design community - the very sense of community. People are so happy so share what they have learnt, share their experiences, share their methods etc. and it really does benefit everybody.

I studied product design at University, and it was interesting to experience the change of attitude in our studio over the years.

Everyone started out in competition, and kept everything close to their chest. As the years progressed people began to open up and share their ideas. Whilst everyone wanted to 'protect' their ideas and their knowledge, we were all quick to realise the benefits of being more open with each other.

Learning that there really was 'enough to go round' was probably one of the most valuable things I learnt at University.

Tijs said on April 21, 2007

Another spot on observation. Reading your blog feels like reading the posts i never wrote sometimes :)

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