Nathan Nash said on April 28, 2009

Hard to imagine anyone turning down 1,000,000 ad views/month. Good luck on your next ventures!

Ara Pehlivanian said on April 29, 2009

That sucks man, sorry to hear it.

isporter said on May 01, 2009

Hi Jonathan, no chagrin is deserved, I'm sure! To the contrary you'll have many learning outcomes, things that wouldn't occur to those of us who've not yet invested in such a project. Your posts are often very insightful - will you be writing a more in depth review of what you can take away from your post-development experience?

Zeb said on May 03, 2009

IMO the main reason of failure was the heavy price tag an advertiser had to pay at signup. I agree that it was serving over a million monthly impressions but I would've lowered the price a bit to see the response.

Matthew Kempster said on May 04, 2009

@Ryan Carson

Ooh! A Carsonified ad network.

That would be good for you lot, the way to go.

Ian said on May 11, 2009

I'm quite surprised to hear about the demise of Sidebar Ads. I really expected them to come to the forefront with the likes of Fusion and The Deck.

I still think it has potention with the fact that you and the other members of Sidebar are well known in the design/development field. Maybe with a new marketing perspective it could work with a second stab? If not then I'd agree with Andy, it would be great to release the software to the open source community. Any thoughts yes as to it's direction?

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