However, I also know that I cannot conclude so easily that everyone would work best from home. I have worked with some chaps who, given that opportunity to work from home will not deliver anything to the company.... so I guess it depends on the people, maybe even the type of work.

Digital Street said on June 16, 2007

It depends: on the person and the kind of work you actually do.
You have to be a person with self control and the hability to be productive at home.

Music Man said on June 18, 2007


well i work at home, and at the beginning was very difficult to be productive, i mean i was 16 when i started on internet, and i had all kinds of distraction around (starting with my bed behind me and a lot of hours to sleep).

But then i commit myself with my work, what was the key?, well actually i like the job, i think that's the key to be productive.

Artem said on August 07, 2007

Absolutely agree with your thoughts. Internet is giving us a magin opportunity to be independent from anyone except yourself.

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