An important point is to incorporate ads with the design that way so people can see them and even if they know these are ads, they still click them because of interest. Most adsense publishers mislead people and they click the ads because they see links. Of course, this is good for the publisher, but advertisers receive only clicks and no sales.

Todd Garland said on May 18, 2007

Hi John,

Interesting post. I have been managing ads on a couple of my sites for almost 2 years now selling text links and banner ads. The text links I usually sell through TLA and the banner ads I do manually. I have found it to be somewhat of a nuisance to manage the ad spots, track who has paid, send out monthly bills, find new advertisers, etc.

I have been working on an ad serving site with a couple great programmers for the past 4 months to solve this problem I was having with selling ads on my sites. The key for us was to make sure that the ads remain search friendly - because, as a small publisher/advertiser we knew how important it was for advertisers to gain this added SEO value from the banner ads.

We will be launching our ad marketplace targeted towards small/medium sized publishers in late June. I think you might like it...

Charles Iliya Krempeaux said on May 24, 2007

@Scott Johnson: "Most of the popular ad programs for publishers out there take WAY too large of a cut off the top."

It's true that ad networks take money off the top. But currently, advertising networks have an advantage. They have a "market".

And having that, they have a group of advertisers willing to pay quite alot for advertising space.

So... even if ad networks are taking a cut... you still may get more because the advertiser was willing to may more to them... than you can get advertisers to pay you directly.

But... perhaps things will change in the future. But that's how things are today.

John said on July 08, 2007

All the advertisements I see mentioned here are the interrupting-the-user-from-what-they're-doing type. Something genuine as a blog post with a affiliate link might be worth it to you if it's targeted to your audience enough. I haven't kept up with it, but I remember hearing that google at one point was going to start contextual advertising where you insert a link into a blog post, and try to sell the product as best as you can. There's another style of paid adverts where you can honestly review a product or website for a fee... I believe. With that one, you don't have to give a good review if you don't want to.

Brad Touesnard said on July 11, 2007

Have you looked at OpenAds to manage your ad programs? I just stumbled upon their site and found out that this project used to be the phpAdsNew project which I had tried back in the day (1999?) and was very impressed with. It might be worth a look.

Jonathan Snook said on July 11, 2007

@Brad: a few others in earlier comments have mentioned OpenAds and I may move that direction. For now, I'm happy where things are at.

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