I'd be interested to know why you chose a custom ad management platform, as opposed to something like OpenX?

Jonathan Snook said on December 02, 2008

@Dan: I wanted a custom platform because of the ability to simplify the process and have the system as straightforward to use and manage for advertisers and administrators alike. We don't have multiple ad types, we don't charge based on impressions or clickthroughs. It's a simple, monthly, flat-fee system. As a result, we wanted something that served that goal. The original system (which is still running SidebarAds) was put together over a couple days. It's only now, as we expand, that there's more of a demand to expand those features, but again in ways that serve the goal of simplicity.

Janie Parrish said on December 14, 2008

Should be a hit with all the blogs once word spreads amongst the blogosphere! I know I am always interested in learning of another way to make money!

Maikel said on December 23, 2008

Have you thought about making the system open source?

Patrick Algrim said on January 14, 2009

Hey Jonathan, I think SidebarAds is really awesome. The ad serving development that must have been done simply blows my mind. While it might seem simple, sometimes the simplest things are the best tools. The best tools are the things I respect.

Great job, all around, I'm happy that SidebarAd's is blowing up! :)

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