<?= DEBUG ? $html->css('debug') : ''; ?>

I feel better already ;)

Jonathan Snook said on October 29, 2006

Heh, sorry about that. :) I tend to be terse in my coding.

Jonathan Snook said on October 30, 2006

Felix: I've heard mention of that and while I haven't bothered with releasing anything on such a grand scale, what is the percentage of hosts that don't have short tags enabled? I much prefer it as it just seems a little too verbose.

Travis Cline said on September 03, 2007

Just a heads-up for 1.2 users -- the debug table doesn't have a predictable id -- the class is set to cakeSqlLog though (since r4915).

A little s/#cakeSqlLog/.cakeSqlLog/ action will get you in order though.

mzee.richo said on October 24, 2008

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