very very nice!

Matti putkonen said on August 09, 2008

Awesome work Jonathan, I hope they add this type of functionality to core in the future.

Do you see any problems with setting all of these view to be stored in one view directory, like 'static', if they are not related to a controller in any way ?

jamie scott said on September 28, 2008

Thanks for this code. Any idea how I can make routing work with a .html suffix and still get the url caught by your error system?

Mark said on January 11, 2009


"...there should be no issues adding in functionality from AppController"

Have you figured out how to get missing controllers to load components (specifically, the Auth component)? Or rather, have it use the AppController as usual?

Jonathan Snook said on January 11, 2009

Mark: assuming things haven't regressed since I posted this, if you've specified the Auth component in AppController, it should be used.

Mark said on January 11, 2009

I guess things have regressed then (using 1.2 stable now). As a quick test, I added an echo to the beforeFilter in AppController. It's displayed on all pages where the controller is specified, but not when there's a missing controller.

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