If you like Kuler, take a look at www.colr.org, beta.dailycolorscheme.com or www.colorblender.com....
They are all very helpful in finding an new colorscheme...

Very nice, indeed! Like the Logo and the colors.

Doctor A said on April 13, 2007

I had not heard of CakePHP until I came to this site. I went to the CakePHP site and I still am not sure what the upside of using it over simple PHP? Could someone explain a couple reasons why I should use it. I use PHP for simple web pages up too an online accounting webware application. <brt/>

I am currently trying to advance my CSS knowledge. I just completed "CSS Mastery" which lead me to this site. I loved it and I figured I would plug it. I did notice that on my widescreen monitor your blog freaks out a bit. The comments float way to far left.

Walker Hamilton said on April 14, 2007

CakePHP is a RAD (rapid application development) framework. It is built on php and introduces features that help one easily and quickly produce web applications and sites.

The upside? Quicker development than when you have to do all the database connections and manual validation of data, etc.

Doctor A said on April 16, 2007

It seems like there are always better ways to do something. I will look at it again when I have a bit more time. Thank you for the response.

Tijs said on April 21, 2007

Have you thought about making the developer part a permanent list instead of 30 day ads? If your a freelance cake developer or agency you will probably still be looking for new work 30 days from now right? I guess you would run the risk of stale content but that could be solved by having list members re-confirm their listing say; every 30 days...

Jonathan Snook said on April 21, 2007

@Tijs: I may allow developers to list permanently for a small fee. For right now, the expiry helps manage the site and I can focus on other projects.

Wesley Mason said on May 01, 2007

Fantastic idea!

It would be good if the submission by companies looking for developers suggested the submitter included the location of the company, especially when they're looking to fill permanent positions.

Chris said on October 08, 2007

Nice, simple, and well implemented congrats...certainly not one for feature bloat are you ;-)

I may have considered, longer company and develpoer profile pages but given that you want to minimise maintenance and help manage the site i think you've made a good deciswion in KISS.

Chris said on October 08, 2007

Thanks as well for pointing me toward Kuler that really very cool. In the past I've used the Photoshop Web2.0 color palette

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