as he does have nice legs: clicky linky
(but I do have a rule that anyone that wears red shoes cannot be trusted).

Also, I'm not sure what on earth is going on here :P

Also thanks for letting us poor hobos with no passports join in the fun :D

Luke said on September 26, 2007

Rock and roll junkies on boozes at 4am

Outrageous enough?

steve said on September 26, 2007

"Hear me Lord, here lies the behemoth! A Web 2.0 site coded entirely in randomly mixed case tags, style slapped on with font, b, and u tags!, not a semantic tag in site!... quoteless attributes, un-closed tags and more tables than a boot sale in Birmingham!"

"Web Developers of the world unite, and help your fellow brothers and sisters repent their sinful CSS-less homes... or we shall force down upon you embedded blinking marquee tags to torture your tormented souls!"

I have to admit, not the kind of tattoo I would normally think of getting either (tee hee):

"WES" - Is that short for: "Web Essential Standards"?

Jason Beaird said on September 26, 2007

Veloso getting too friendly with one of the Lizard Lounge cesspools.

Ironically enough, Jeff took that one he should definitely get to judge as I'm sure he was present for every outrageous moment at the WJS.

Mika said on September 26, 2007

Nice tongue!

Taylor said on September 26, 2007

I wish I had been there. I have to miss FOWD, too!

Who says web geeks can't dance jam!?

Here's to a free book, for a broke college kid :)

Jason Padgett said on September 27, 2007

gimme, gimme, gimme

Jonathan Snook said on September 27, 2007

@Jason Padgett: you gotta work for this one! Search for a crazy photo and link it up!

Andy Stratton said on September 27, 2007

I'd have to say I think I really captured Dan Rubin's flap and snap... book plz?

Courtney said on September 27, 2007

Hey! No wonder my photos have been getting all those hits. I really want a book as I really can use it so here is one of my favorite pics...though the birthday one is great as well.

This was even more disgusting in person

Jonathan Snook said on September 28, 2007

Congrats to Sean Madden for being first out of the gate with the fun absurdity that was the closing party and also to Luke for linking up Keith Robinson and Derek Featherstone. Let it be known that Keith and Derek were apparently screaming Beastie Boys' "Fight for your Right" at 4am.

Sean and Luke, copies of the Art & Science of CSS will be heading your way and I hope you guys can make it out next year!

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