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Brent Wilcox said on September 07, 2006

It's nice to see what you are talking about in real time for sure, for us novices :> Thanks, Jon.

Chris Guld said on September 10, 2006

Nice tip. I use Fireworks all the time and appreciate the pointers. I just found your site - thru Bloglines. I'll be coming back for more! I also do screencasts. I use My Screen Recorder Pro, then I import the .avi file into Flash 8 to create an .flv file which can 'progressively download' so the video starts playing immediately. Users don't have to wait for the download. For samples, see my page http://www.campgroundcomputerheroes.com/tutorials.htm
The later tutorials use the Flash 8 technique - so try anything under the 'Blogging' heading.

Darleen Strickland said on November 12, 2008


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