You should really be proud of setting this new trend. Congratulations!

Bas Wenneker said on November 29, 2006

Yours look better:)

noodlenozzle said on November 29, 2006

Right. So they are using the idea. Doesn't matter. Any detail oriented person can see that yours are the poop.

The crispness! The smooth gradient! The illusion is deceptive!

I personally prefer to take an idea and rather than copy it wholesale, closely examine the output and internalize that to achieve a similar level of inspiration. Plus, when you come back and inform the original author that their craft inspired a train of thought which ended up resulting completely different product, it makes them feel even better.

Andy's attempt was half-hearted and Indelible's was overbaked. JSnook found the fine balance. Kudos on the flag tips, I thought of ripping them off myself, like I'm going to do with your fixed comment form so users can actually read the previous posts, yo!

anon said on December 01, 2006

There's one more at

Smith said on January 29, 2007

I think out of respect to those other two sites you should put that "To everybody: neither of these people copied me. I just noticed that they both had banners (and did it very well)." comment in the post itself if you're so worried that it came off that way.

It can't help but come off that way when you say it like that.

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