Make sure to test with more complex HTML tough (hint: color inheritance,...).

My basic idea for a component embeddable on 3rdparty websites was like #container *{ all: unset; } and then style everything from there... my conclusion was the same tough...

Jonathan Snook said on May 18, 2016

@Christoph: Unfortunately, all: unset makes other alterations, but again, is inconsistent in its application across browsers. For example, Safari reset color to black but neither Chrome nor Firefox did. Cursor also exhibited the same behaviour as described above.

Andrey Sitnik said on May 19, 2016

Awesome article. We in PostCSS are thinking about new methodology, when we automatically insert all:initial to all elements, to be sure, that components are isolated from inherited styles.

So we created all:initial polyfill in postcss-cssnext and postcss-autoreset to insert it by some rules.

Andrey Sitnik said on May 19, 2016

Also with all: initial polyfill from cssnext we have consistently behavioral across browsers.

trolololo said on May 19, 2016

The main question is what you have with all: initial polyfill from cssnext?

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