I' ve discovered the "class" power a few weeks ago, and if it' s well used, the code can be two times lighter and clearer !

Thank you for this article, this blog is really cool :)

Emil Stenstr?m said on March 19, 2006

This sounds a lot like the different levels I think people evolve over. The div overuse is Level 4 in that list :)

Carl Camera said on March 19, 2006

@Eric: perhaps not EVERY .NET developer :-)

@Snook: Lots to think about here. I must admit I like to use a wrapper div around navigation to allow simple exclusion within print stylesheets. And if it's there already, well...easy to anchor off of it for styles within.

Veracon said on March 19, 2006

I've tried a lot to convince people that divisions are NOT better than tables, yet people rarely listen. It's great to know that someone understand me.

david said on March 19, 2006

I dont know Veracon, I have heard what you have said and been in discussions with you about divisions and what you are saying is not what snook is saying. hes not saying that divs are not better than tables he is saying what I have hinted at many a time, that divs need not be OVER / MISused. While you have argued that people should not use divs at all ( and maybe to that extreme only to prove the strenght of semantic code? ).

I believe that all markup has its proper use. It's up to us to teach ourselves those proper uses and that only comes through practice.

Lowell Wood said on March 20, 2006

Johnathon, did you mean to close that li there? Or did you leave it open for some reason that I dont understand at my low level of web nerdery?

Jonathan Snook said on March 20, 2006

Whoops, yeah, I did mean to close the LI. Although, with the assumption it was HTML and not XHTML, it'd still work.

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