Here in Brazil we have to support IE 6 because of the same problems Jonathan and Ole addressed. And in some cases, even support 800x600. But in a recent project, I took the decision to give users a horizontal scroll instead of a liquid layout. No regrets so far.

webdesign said on December 09, 2008

wow nice script! Why makes IE6 everything so difficult? Great post

Thomas said on December 10, 2008

Great script! Tried it out and works very well! I like the fact that background-postion and background-repeat is supported now! Well done!

flash tekkie said on December 10, 2008

Great stuff. Hopefully IE8 will pass Acid2 and be standards-compliant at some scale so we, the developers, shall not bother writing articles like these in future. Which is of course a bit naive to believe but is at least positive thinking :)

Mind you, IE5.5 had full support for 24-bit PNG including the transparency layer in it but if I remember it correctly, Microsoft got into trouble with PNG format licencing as it is open source. So they did Microsoft with it - they turned it off.

Anthony Clark said on December 12, 2008

Thank you! I've been using the Unit PNG fix for a while now, and the background positioning was always and issue. This will work great.

Manuel said on December 15, 2008

The alpha PNG problem is a pain in the ass. Most of the images on my website where PNG until I saw my site on IE6 in a internet cafe. Switched back to gifs after that.

Dan Cunningham said on December 17, 2008

Wow, Thank you I've been using the PNG route for a while now as well, background positioning is a pain in IE anyways at the best of times so this will make things that much quicker!

Cheers Jonathan!

Dud said on December 30, 2008

The PNG issue is a dead issue that has been dealt with a long time ago. You design your websites for the destination market base. Use PNGs where appropriate - simple!

Neal G said on January 16, 2009

Drew's DD_Roundies also supports transparent pngs in it so if you find yourself needing both you can opt for the Roundies variant.

The PNG issue was not completely a dead issue since Drew's solution offers the ability to do background-repeat & background-position which until he released belated PNG wasn't possible and forced me to come up with creative solutions for most of my designs for IE6.

Side note, Jonathan you should make your comment textarea box a bit larger!

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