All the others are gone though, and the pages now look alot cleaner.

Nice job on the redesign too, from a fellow Canadian!

Jonathan Snook said on May 05, 2006

Mike: thanks for pointing out the issue on the logo/home link. I missed that one. :)

Bramus! said on May 07, 2006

a { outline: none; }

does it for me... or are there any cons for not using this?

Jonathan Snook said on May 07, 2006

The con is similar to removing the underline from links. You remove a familiar behaviour... in this case, removing outlines will hide the ability to tab through links on a page (IIRC).

Assaf said on June 10, 2006

Thank you! I've been looking for this link lately and really had no idea with what keywords to search it.

Layka said on February 19, 2009

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Marinessa said on February 19, 2009

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lora said on February 20, 2009

D? D?D?Do??D? D?Dμ D?D°D?DμDoD?Dμ??, D?D° DoD°DoD?D? ??D°D1??Dμ Dμ?????? D2D?D·D?D?D?D?D??????? D?D°??D°???? ??D?D±????D2DμD?D???D1 D±D?D?D3?

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