One thing that crossed my mind is that I usually remove the link in the active li, sometimes replaces it with a span-element for styling purposes. If CSS isn't supported (e.g mobile-devices) I can more easily understand where I am in the navigation-element.

Chris Heilmann said on May 27, 2010

This was a very confusing title. I thought you'd talk about the :active selector to make this keyboard accessible. As it is I agree that the current section should never be a link - it is linking to the page you are on. I normally replace it with a strong to make it obvious even for non-css browsers

Tasarim said on May 30, 2010

Nice one Jonathan. I usually remove hover states or animations from active elements so i don't use 2 different animations for active and non-active elements. I just apply all animations to $('#nav li:not(.active) a').hover(..)

Adam Cooper said on June 01, 2010

I always loved jQuary, This makes me love it all the more.

dalk said on February 01, 2011

Thank Snook
But I use another way to show active elements.
I use css !Important and it's work.

Mary said on May 17, 2011

Is it possible that it doesn't work in IE?

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