{"8":6, 8:5}
you'll see that obj[8] now yields 5.

Jonathan Snook said on August 13, 2006

Jack: yes, it's because it's getting converted to a string internally (as mentioned in the article and as re-iterated by Tim). Because both are converted to strings internally, the second "8" always overwrites the first.

beppu said on August 31, 2006

"(Picture JSON as the prim and proper school girl and Ajax the dude who smokes and rides a motorcycle to school.)"

But JSON is a boy's name. ;-)

pauldwaite said on September 27, 2006

"But JSON is a boy's name."

AJAX is a Dutch football team's name, but no-one ever complains about that :)

asdfasdf said on February 21, 2007


Chris Hoeppner said on May 10, 2007

May I give it a try? Just starting off putting js stuff into my work. We'll see.

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