Again thank you on behalf of all MooTool users.

Andy Kant said on January 16, 2007

Spectacular, thanks for the Mootools cheat sheet!

Ryan Thrash said on January 24, 2007

I think the API is fairly nailed down for the 1.0 release at this point in SVN (no guarantees tho). As I write this it's at rev 235 and you can grab it in your favorite SVN client at their SVN repo. I've been watching this in commit messages for a while and I'm seeing interesting tidbits lately, mostly mentioning bugfixes and things like "- Finished polishing documentation for 1.0."

For those less SVN-inclined, you can do a custom build of Mootools from their trunk source.

There's quite a bit of change from the "svn" version (and version 83) posted on their website and what's in Subversion ... for the better!

mr.Anderson said on January 29, 2007

Iam completely new to web design and i want to know how to make a site similar to this
w/out flash, instead with accordion that incorporates lightbox in the image galleries.If I make no sense, sorry. Just trying to teach myself=no money 4 schooling

Assaf said on January 31, 2007

Under Dom.js you have a typo, the function '#ES' should be '$ES'.
for a moment there I thought they found a way to name vars with # in the begining (:

Paul Irish said on January 31, 2007

Does this scale to Mootols 1.0 just fine?

K-Man said on February 19, 2007

No it doesn't scale to 1.0, 083 was really a pre-release of sorts so they didn't scale some of the functionality. $S for example was replaced with simply $$.

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