Yeah I know it doesn't have anything to do with Java, its just a stigma I have towards names beginning with a J. They remind me of the countless debugging nightmares I've had with Java in the past. I'd rather debug ASM than Java.

I'll have to play around with jQuery later though, I'm working on a new web interface for Xbox Media Center that is fairly DOM-intensive that it might be useful for.

G100g said on January 11, 2007

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great work. keep it up.
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Marko Gargenta - Marakana said on February 22, 2007

This is an awesome resource! Thanks for putting this together. I have already pointed many students to your website. Much appreciated!


Meekish said on March 17, 2007

What would be even cooler is if the function names in the cheat sheet linked to the api pages on

Hamidreza Tavakoli said on April 16, 2007

Its a great work Jonathon. Thanks alot

Tim Koschu??tzki said on June 16, 2007

Ah nice find here. Thanks a bunch Jonathan. I am just about to print it out!

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wow..its really nice to see graph of scripts..

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Thanks a lot. Very Helpful cheat-sheet

cam said on October 13, 2008

In your examples of querySelectorAll(), the element.querySelector($this->normalizeEntities16bit("8221")p:first-child$this->normalizeEntities16bit("8221")) code can be written: element.querySelector($this->normalizeEntities16bit("8221")p$this->normalizeEntities16bit("8221")) because only the first paragraph is returned for each li element.

If I decided not to support IE5 and prevent it trying to process the code, to prevent an error would you advice an excluding conditional comment or a JavaScript sniff to achieve this? I have not been successful with excluding IE5 with conditional comments and also achieving strict markup validation.

leevan said on October 16, 2008

How do i use JavaScript
Prototype 1.5.0 Cheat Sheet ???

SMHMayboudi said on December 28, 2008

The New Cheat Sheet is Here:

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cool stuff! I was looking for some simple help document on Prototype and this looks a perfect summary.

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I'm not really into Prototype, but I was looking for a good PDF Cheat Sheet layout and stumbled onto yours. I am working on some Excel cheat sheets and I was wondering whether I can borrow your layout?

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