(Except, of course, you don't have Powerpoint)

Graham B said on July 10, 2006

Kudos - pretty damn neat, but as was said above, its hard to see a real advantage over Powerpoint (besides being free...). Biggest issue I can see is navigation - what do I do if I want to go back a slide unless a link is included at every stage in the presentation?

Jonathan Snook said on July 10, 2006

Thanks. The two big pluses with S5 are that it's free and that it's easier to distribute.

As for navigation, the slideshow system supports all the keyboard shortcuts as the original S5. That means things like right arrow and left arrow can be used to navigate forwards and backwards through the slides.

Nick Cowie said on July 10, 2006

Jonathan thank you for S5key it should make my next presentation a little easier.

Gabrusch and Graham, the advantages of s5
It is free
You do not need to install software to create/edit your presentation (notepad, simpletext, even vi will do)
You can create/edit/display your presentation on any computer or OS. My last presentation was created/edit/presented on 2 windows machines, a Mac and a Linux box and only one had Powerpoint installed.
You can distribute it easily over the web, you do not need special software to view the presentation over the web, any browser will do.
If (like me) you are doing a presentations that includes HTML, you include the HTML in the S5 and it does not have to be static, unlike Powerpoint or Keynote (were you have to keep updating static screen shots if you update the HTML).

Fredrik W?rnsberg said on July 10, 2006

Very neat work with good functionality. I'll look into using this the next time I have to make a presentation.

Graham B said on July 11, 2006

Thanks for pointing that out Jonathan, stupid me! Makes a lot more sense now.

Nick, I see your points as they are valid for pretty much any app that is ported to a browser environment. I just meant that - for me at least - Powerpoint is unbeatable for sheer drag n drop usability. Any presentations I do probably won't have hours of creation work involved, so to sit about editing HTML is just drawing out the process. For others it could be a lot different.

Raymond Olavides said on July 11, 2006

Just in time for my first presentation using s5. Thanks for taking/giving s5 into new possibilities and features.

Eric Meyer said on July 12, 2006

This is t3h awesome. It's the perfect addition to the existing "notes" view in S5 1.2. I've seen other attempts at slide previews in the notes view but this is the best I've seen so far. Now to just get the S5 source open (read: out of my personal hands) and this kind of thing can get into the 'official' code base...

Jason Kataropoulos said on July 13, 2006

I think that S5 is amazing. Very well thought and implemented.

Just think what the potential is if content is dynamically server from a datastore, lets say withe some help from AJAX!

To me, it sounds very powerfull!

Guido Marc said on November 11, 2006

Well done Jonathan, i have done a presentation based on your Slideshow Launcher, it works perfect....

Andreas said on January 01, 2007

thanks for develop this, for some situation, now I don`t have to Use Power Point ,-) One more step on the way to work without Microsoft :)

fee said on April 07, 2007

Thanks. The two big pluses with S5 are that it's free and that it's easier to distribute.

Hochzeitsfilm -er said on June 14, 2007

Not easy to understand for me with my english, but now I?′m making my first presentation with Slideshow Launcher and I like it. So I?′ve now more posibilities than Powerpoint

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