But Aptana can be configured to format any Js file to your requirements in terms of indentation and curly brackets! and that is sooo cool when you want to read code from another guy wo uses a different coding style! too bad you can't do that in the php editor section. (you can for HTML,CSS AND JS if i'm correct) He can also auto complete some popular Js frameworks API's.
Anyway, it's free and it's a great IDE when it comes to javascript. Give it another chance.

Nik Chankov said on April 16, 2008

Man, I have the same situation a week or two ago. But instead of misspell, I wrote javascript/text and the result was the same - nothing was working. But I think your is worst, because at first glance I didn't find it as well.

Pete Jones said on April 16, 2008

I tend to use Top Style for HTML, Zend Studio for PHP and anything that falls in between, Notepad ++

Matt Wilcox said on April 16, 2008

Aptana doesnt auto-complete html entities... too bad. And no wyswig for easy and quick HTML content editing.

I can not imagine why any web developer that cares about producing good code would use a WYSIWYG approach. But, should you want to, there is in fact a toolbar for this in the newer versions. I turned all mine off, waste of screen space.

Jonathan Snook said on April 16, 2008

@Matt Wilcox: the idea that a WYSIWYG editor can't be used to produce good code is an outdated line of thinking. I write all my blog posts using Dreamweaver, for example. I also use Dreamweaver for larger projects with more static content. It works extremely well and I can lay out text and tables much faster and still maintain clean code.

parrfolio said on April 16, 2008

Editor Textmate = Live spell checking built in = problem solved. Get a mac save the world.

Stevie K said on April 16, 2008

By far the worst thing to do is linking a js file with a self closing tag. Which I've done in a lapse of concentration. For 15 minutes to half an hour I couldn't figure out why the code worked perfectly in Firefox and not at all in IE!

Josh Stodola said on April 16, 2008

You should know that nobody does it better than Microsoft. You wouldn't have to type half of what you type now. Visual Studio. Intellisense. You're lightyears behind for using PHP, brotha. Lightyears. You'll catch on someday, though.

Josh Stodola said on April 16, 2008

Some quick examples of what I am talking about...


You really gotta use it to believe it though. It'll change your life.

Andy Kant said on April 17, 2008

I would also recommend e-TextEditor (like others have said, a Windows clone of Textmate). I've been using it a few months now (bought it when it went 1.0). It can be a bit buggy at times due to how young it is, but it is easily the best text editor on Windows if you'd rather have that level of simplicity. I wish that Microsoft would release an Express version of Visual Studio that would be able to use add-ins to support other languages because that IDE is worlds better than any competitor.

Andy Kant said on April 17, 2008

@Josh Stodola
I'm with you on the excellent of Visual Studio + Intellisense, but there's nothing wrong with PHP (I use PHP, ASP.NET, Java/JSP, Ruby/Rails, and Python/Django - it all depends on what's the best solution for the project at hand). Plus if you have a commercial version of VS, you can get an add-in to add PHP support. VS2008 has Ruby/Python support built in, don't remember if they still have Java/J# support though.

Josh Stodola said on April 17, 2008

@Andy Kant
You're right. PHP is most definitely powerful, I know. I've also done JSP and Servlets, and even Perl way back in the day. I don't believe there is anything that will make you more productive than ASP.NET though. Just spreading the word!

myName said on April 18, 2008

???àêò?ê? ??à?í??ò?!

Hal Rigler said on April 22, 2008

Guess no one uses a Spell Checker anymore. Must be out of style after reading about all the alternatives.

Anonymous said on April 24, 2008

Well, some IDE just making it harder to have typos at all - Visual Studio Web Developer for example does a great job on that.

David Simmer said on April 29, 2008

(just thought I'd close those code and pre tags for everybody)

Avadhut Phatarpekar said on October 09, 2008

I guess I am late to the party, but KomodoEdit is the way to go. It's intelligent script completer is really really helpful. And it has a very small footprint.

In your case, for example, it would display a red squiggly line (like in MS Word for typos) when you sprung a *javscript* on it.

Zotattdandemi said on March 17, 2011

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