var txt = document.createTextNode(" This text was added to the DIV.");

Vagelis said on March 18, 2005

I need to use Dhtml editor twice in a page (summary and body), but i get an error when i try to setup styles: = "Arial"; = "Arial";

Style does not efect in the first loadded object (summary)

Any sugestions PLEASE !!!????

Ted said on June 14, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been unable to respond or forward any email as of late.
I have been getting the following message when I try:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Error: There must be one element on the page with an ID of tbContentElement

I inquired with my local ISP amd they directed me to this web site. I would like to ask you for any advice on what I can do to fix this issue. Thanks.

said on August 01, 2005


Christine said on January 27, 2006


I am trying to let the users to edit html files on our web site and I have to use the safe version because our browser blocks the unsafe version. Woud I be able to use LoadURL in the safe version?

mark said on May 22, 2006

for the block format command,

execcommand(5043,0,"Heading 1"), how do i know which values to use if the pc is running in another language by use of the windows MUI ?

Jonathan Snook said on May 22, 2006

mark: Check the DEC documentation for the command DECMD_GETBLOCKFMTNAMES. It'll describe how to do this.

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