I think I like it :-)

Ralph Whitbeck said on November 26, 2014

We called these roles "Visual Design Engineers" at my last job. It was that cross between design and front end programmer.

Tim Wright said on December 01, 2014

The role of the "Front-end Developer" has been in flux since, I don't know, 2004(?). We've never REALLY known what to call the person who sits between the PSD and the server. It's hard because there's TON of UI design and UX that happens at that level. I totally agree with your description of Design Implementation (whether that's the right term for it or not).

The biggest problem I've seen with this is in hiring practices. Many startups (or companies, whatever...) are looking for, "Front-end Developers" to do application-level builds and the FE devs who do more UI design end up not having a home or they're asked to do the application-level programming they really shouldn't be doing because it's assumed that, "it's all front-end code." I've seen this blurry line become pretty damaging to a company.

As the person who lives in this area, I do believe that there's a big difference between the Front-end developer who comes from a design background and a front-end developer who comes from a programming background. When we label them as the same thing we do more damage than good for the people who don't quite get it.

Thanks for the great write-up, I'd love to talk more about it!

Stevany said on January 18, 2015

Doing the front-end job taking times longer than back-end job, if you're not working with framework. Minimal, you had to work with HTML, CSS, Ajax, Java Script.
In Application Development, a tester hold an important role. All of the code needed to be tested before it present to end-user.

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