I was in Paris for Leweb 3 last month, things are growing fast, and news social aggregators will soon find their european way to european news. Wikio, as an example, is becoming more popular than Digg on local news search.
The web is actually US-centric, but if the so-called web 2.0 wants to go mainstream it have to consider this: that mainstream people outside the US are not US-centric.
So, now growing means localizing.

Matt said on January 05, 2007

I'll accept the fact that Digg is U.S.-centric, but so what? Why is it necessary to change this?

Adam H said on January 05, 2007

I have stopped reading Digg and have switched fully over to Reddit for my reading pleasure. The usual Digg has gone downhill stuff applies.

A friend of mine posted about the American-ism of Digg a while ago, but in terms of the commenting on the various stories. Non-American views are quickly squashed.

Both my friend and I are Canadian :o)

Jonathan Snook said on January 05, 2007

Matt: nobody is saying it's necessary. However, there's an opportunity here for Digg to grow into other areas. Whether they choose to do that or whether the users will be accepting of that remains to be seen. The key thing I've pointed out here is the fact that yes, Digg is heavily American and that they have a couple directions in which they can go in to change that.

Rachel said on January 05, 2007

This is unrelated to your post, but I'd just like to say that I love your website/blog and its design. The ads are also implemented well. Great job.

Binny V A said on January 05, 2007

Digg is very tech oriented. Netscape, I hear, is more neutral. And Tech subject is almost always global.

Technopinoy said on January 05, 2007

I similarly wish that Digg expand globally, but I don't think a lot of other countries know about Digg.

Nonetheless it does get interesting to see how a Western-centric site views topics about other countries. What I do at times (and this I post in my http://www.technopinoy.com blog) is to search Digg using my country (Philippines) as the search term. Interesting info does come out!

mattness said on January 05, 2007

Let me see...
I'm in Poland and I can't watch BSG episodes on SciFi.com ...
My web page is first in polish google, when you ask about "Shadowrun", But I Can't find it in ask.com even, if I ask about "Shadowrun Polska"...
If you want to watch brainiac through skyOne.com , you can't if you're not in Ireland or UK...

Ok, but question was: Digg.co and rest of world.
Good thing:
- I can post :)
Bad thing
- No polish interface (and that CAN be done. Check http://google.pl )

tom said on January 06, 2007

Regional content would be an excellent idea. Google and the bbc use it and its pretty helpful.

It could even just work as an automatic 20% boost to the digg rating of articles from your chosen countries. That way REALLY popular stories from other regions would still make it into your view.

PS/ The MOST annoying thing is when you find an online shop, go through all the process of ordering (and probably signing up) only to find out they DON'T SHIP OUTSIDE THE USA. When the site itself makes no mention of being in the usa, it just assumes everyone will be from there.

Mark said on January 07, 2007

That's correct - there is a lot of potential to Digg to be even more successful. I too would like to see more localized content.

Maxputer said on January 07, 2007

IMO localized content misses the point of Digg... (Translation services would be awesome though!)

And I sympathize with the American ideology complaint... but my slant on it is that we need to prevail in the face of adversity!

Like a true demorcracy the masses fall victim to the propaganda of the powerful and the people need to call bullshit and speak up for what they believe... it's not enough to simply change the channel (or got to a different site instead in this case) people have to stay within the system and speak up and vote.

That's the point of Digg and I think one of its strenghts is that its a global (among english speaking anyway) thing...


Great story today on the homepage on the Danes windmill farms... and someone posted a link to a BBC snippet on a similar UK proposal... super intresting

Link to digg story

Anyways I hope you all stick with Digg... I am in Canada and know all about "too American" but overall I got to say Digg, thanks to many outsiders perhaps, keeps the site further away from Fox mentality than alot of other American sites / communities.

We should all keep up the good work!

/pep talk

Kyle Korleski said on January 09, 2007

Yes, there needs to be localized versions of Digg so we don't have be considered "International News" if we don't live in the US.

oualmon said on November 04, 2007


samuel said on December 02, 2008

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