I also have to disagree that Flash has been a good thing over all - by allowing people to do things the wrong way for so long, it has made it much harder for real progress to be made - IE6 works just fine with a purely Flash site, you know?

Jonathan Snook said on May 24, 2010

@Nigel: Standards, generally, are not a bad thing. I use them all the time. However, the standards dogma is not helpful and is limiting. People, like you and me, build sites with the tools we have. At one time, we built sites with image maps and tables for layout. Lots of font tags and marquee tags. Give people a hammer and you can expect them to hit a few thumbs regardless of the technology, standard or otherwise. Flash has not limited progress and and it has not limited your ability to build a site in the way you choose to build it. If we were to be rid of any technology that could be used poorly, we'd have nothing at all.

Matthew Fedak said on May 27, 2010

Struggling to understand why everyone is saying Flash is bad. Its great and since AS3 came out it became even better and will still be supported by people who for some reason won't upgrade their browser to one that supports html5. The reason so many people did it the "Wrong Way" is that Flash presented the novice developer with an easier way to position elements and do mouse hover overs etc. If html5 is to be the cure to this problem then someone needs to make a really great tool to build html5 web pages with with no html skills required! The struggle continues...

Jonathan said on June 02, 2010

This is a great read Jonathan! It gives a new perspective on what are the pros and cons of using HTML5 & Flash on a website.

dania said on July 03, 2010

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Web Design from Lyons Solutions said on July 04, 2010

I am still a great supporter of HTML over anything. And to be brutally honest, the reason is that I am not a designer and another reason is that HTML is still single handedly the most SEO friendly than any other!

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