Of course, this is a topic on which we could contemplate for ever and is different from the article above!

Just wanted to hear your opinion…

Thank you!

Andy Kant said on August 08, 2006

My rule of thumb for where to place business logic for data:

Is performance important?
-> Yes, then embed the business logic into the database if possible since databases are optimized for these sorts of operations.
-> No, put it in the framework.

Another consideration is whether the dataset is going to be used for other purposes such as reports. Handling this in the framework results in tight coupling and will require you to reimplement your dataset in each different technology you use it for.

Scott said on August 10, 2006

It's about finding the easiest way to solve a problem for next time, even if it takes me a relatively ridiculous amount of time to solve the problem this time.

Now that is a sign of a good programmer!

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