Imho the point is, that webprojects unlike "real IT projects like a new HR system" allude a lot more company depts.
IT is not used to work with marketing, CI, the board, sales, HR...
Programmers - although I am one - must learn that they are just building a vehicle to reach the goal. Software is not the business objective.

Matthias Willerich said on July 09, 2008

@Feike: I agree that, as a fairly young business sector, it can be unprofessional. But in my opinion project management is as variably good or bad as all other parties in a web project, or we could just move the discussion from designer<-->developer to production<-->management. Or clients in general, aren't they the worst :-)
A lot has to do with what is perceived as "easy" to the other party. The web in general suffers from that. And every time both parties muster up a little interest and understanding, respect is reinstated and the conflict resolves itself.

Robert Evans said on July 11, 2008

Some people do see it at work, perhaps, and just because your experience says otherwise does not invalidate another's experience. The quotes were most likely used to support what the person has experienced to show that it does exist.

Your post comes off as dismissing him and his experiences because your experiences say otherwise. But, that is just my opinion.

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