I think it's a scam. Upon reading this i checked out their site and decided to place a wish. Well, my wish won and that was a month ago now. Since then i tried multiple times to reach via phone or e-mail without even the slightest bit of success.

So.... be careful -> Robinhoodfund.com = SCAM

Hagrid said on February 20, 2007

Gunnar, did you ever receive your wish from RobinHoodFund.com, since making this post in mid-December?

I won my wish from RHF last week (for a light box) and received the money via PayPal today.

I'd hate for RHF to be called a scam if they are actually paying what they say they are doing.

Though I have heard complaints that they can be a bit ...slow... in doling out the money. I'm hoping that is the case here.


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