Gelukkig nieuwjaar!!! (Flemish-Belgium)

Elliot Swan said on December 30, 2006

Awesome...All these cool custom blog CMSes are making me want to drop WordPress.

Robert said on December 30, 2006

I just have to try it for myself ;)

Also happy new year to all the commenters and of course you, Jonathan.

and to johan: Jij ook een gelukkig 2007!

Andrea said on December 30, 2006

I, too, am totally going to steal this idea. Just like I stole the fixed comment box. I may steal your glasses too if you don't watch out! :)

Montoya said on December 30, 2006

This is cool, and it gives you a nice way of seeing when a person first discovered your site (unless they lurked for a while).

Steven Campbell said on December 30, 2006

Jonathan Snook: Are you using a custom CMS? If not, what CMS are you using?

Steven Campbell said on December 30, 2006

Bah, scratch that. I just read Elliot Swan's comment.

Jonathan Snook said on December 30, 2006

Steve: it's a custom CMS I built using CakePHP.

Tobie Langel said on December 30, 2006

What a great and original idea. (Really just posting to see what it looks like... )

Andy Kant said on December 31, 2006

Cool idea, kinda useless aside from seeing who the most active people are, but fun nevertheless. (Like Jeff, I might steal this idea too...if I ever find the time to get a blog up.)

Derek Allard said on December 31, 2006

Jonathan, I see you pass the email as a hash in the URL (I assume this is to get around disallowed characters, I recently wrote something about this on my own blog).

Would you mind commenting if you used a particular hash, and why? Does cake offer convenient encode/decode native functions?

Jonathan Snook said on December 31, 2006

Derek: I'm actually just using an MD5 to help protect the anonymity of people's email address.

As far as I know, Cake doesn't offer convenient encode/decode functions but by the same token, I've been happy with those already built into PHP. I don't believe Cake has the same allowable character filter that Code Igniter has. Whether that is good or bad, remains to be seen. In .NET, I know their acceptable characters filter is absolutely annoying. ymmv.

Zach Salzbank said on December 31, 2006

Thanks for mentioning CakePHP. I took a look at it and now I'm hooked!!

James Mitchell said on December 31, 2006

Very sweet. I have been looking at CakePHP for sometime, and my partner loves it.

Jem said on January 03, 2007

I've seen this sort of thing on WordPress blogs before with the wp-stats plugin or whatever it's called, but never thought of implementing it into my own blog. It's quite neat, and I hope you don't mind if I consider 'stealing' it? ;)

Kathleen Santana said on November 12, 2008


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