1. A palette of known valid color combos. Click a combo, and it populates the tool so we can see the values.
2. To see a visual indicator (a green check, yellow triangle, or red X) next to the values in the Results as they get updated.

3stripe said on March 30, 2009

Cheers for the update!

Daria said on April 01, 2009

Thanks a lot for the tool! Very useful

John Foliot said on April 03, 2009

Jonathan - would love to see the sliders "ARIA"ed, but cool tool bud!

Lenen said on April 08, 2009

Thanks for the update Jonathan. I have been using your tool for years and it's one my favourite bookmarks.

Cyprian Gw?3?od?o said on April 09, 2009


This tool one of the first I was using for searching best colors as web designer.
I use it till now.

Thanks for your job.

Thomas said on April 09, 2009

Cool tool, tried it and it works great. To be honest I never knew there were any guidelines for this.

Put it in my favorites!

Matthias Willerich said on April 18, 2009

Years ago I wrote a best practise paper regarding color contrast (and luminosity and whatnot) for a freelance job, and built an excel tool for them based on your tool.

The idea was that instead of only comparing 2 colors, you could set up a matrix of foreground and background colors, and excel would tell you which combinations would pass.

It's great to see you've updated it, so I can wonder again if maybe one day I'll find the time to set this up as a web tool...

Jonathan Snook said on April 19, 2009

@Matthias Willerich: I've had a number of people request a "best of" list but I've always felt that a design would normally be fairly set and that people are more apt to take two values that they want to use and want to adjust across a particular spectrum to get something closer to what they want. For example, if they have a green selected, they may just want a lighter shade of green that maintains a similar RGB space. But I don't actually know how people use it so I'm just theorizing at this point.

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