Thanks for the 100 pushups tip. I exercise once ever 50 mins, when my typing break kicks in.

Brent O'Connor said on March 31, 2010

Very cool I've had an idea for an app as well and just haven't had the time to dive into using the standard iPhone SDK. Maybe I'll get started with my app using jQTouch.

Jake Smith said on March 31, 2010

Jonathan have you thought about implementing CSS media queries for possibly showing more information in "landscape" or desktop viewing?

Jamie Knight said on March 31, 2010

Wow, awesome work. Just having a peek at the code, i can understand the management functions, however i'm not sure i understand how your using the storage with JSON. At the top there is a large section called "Crockford JSON" any chance you could give us a rough explanation of that does?

Jason J. Gullickson said on March 31, 2010

Johnathan do you mind if I feature your app in my upcoming iPad application that runs iPhone Web Apps?

You can see a demo here:

I have a "quick list" of apps that can be added with a tap (instead of by URL) and I'd like to include yours in this list, perhaps in a screenshot for the app store as well?


bryan liles said on March 31, 2010

Seems to work on android. Pretty cool hack.

Chris said on March 31, 2010

I tried it on my Palm Pre and it doesn't work at all. I just get a black screen. I'd be happy to help you test if you wanna get it working for it though.

I'm on week 6 of the program and have been using, and as someone mentioned above it would be great if you could log each set rather than just the max.

Ketan said on March 31, 2010

I tested this on nexus and it worked fine.

Thorsten said on March 31, 2010

Nice write-up, but sadly doesn't work on my HTC Tattoo (Android) and its native browser. I get a black screen and a scrollbar, but can't scroll actually.

Can still use it in Firefox on my desktop, just letting you know.

Gregarious Narain said on March 31, 2010


I did the hundred pushups thing a few times... it's a great way to get going. My first time through, however, it took me closer to 14 weeks - and I started out at 32 :)

I tweeted my results out whenever I did them and found it to be a source of inspiration for many others. There was about 30 people doing it and I would chase them down for pushups, haha.

Hope you stick to it!

btw, great idea with the web app - should have thought of that before!

Eric DeLabar said on March 31, 2010

I also started playing with jQTouch recently and found the O'Reilly "Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript" to be an excellent piece of documentation for jQTouch. The first few chapters are general iPhone webapp design, the rest of the book is develops a sample application with jQTouch.

It's also available online in the O'Reilly labs:

Jonathan Snook said on March 31, 2010

@Jake Smith: I've thought about media queries for other projects but probably wouldn't use it in this case. jQTouch can handle orientation changes (iirc).

@Jamie Knight: localStorage can only store string values. Since I want to store the results as a 'bundle', I needed to serialize the object literal and JSON seemed the easiest way to do this. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't have native JSON support so I'm using Crockford's JSON parser/stringifier but minified since I don't need readability... I just need the functions.

@Jason J. Gullickson: go right ahead. :)

Keri Henare said on March 31, 2010

@Jonathan Snook: Most important advice I can give for Hundred Pushups is that you've got to also focus on cardio & endurance. Otherwise, the pushups get easier but you find it harder to complete the entire set.

Ryan said on March 31, 2010

You know what would be really cool, while you're doing the pushups you place the iPhone beneath you and have a large button that you touch with your nose and it counts your pushups. Touch interface at it's best. Seriously you should add that.

Filmore Ha said on March 31, 2010

The Hundred Pushups program is awesome, good luck with it man!

Dena said on April 01, 2010

Nice Jonathan... Thinking of an app you need and puttin it together immediately. I admire you :) Since i've been also trying to lose weight for few years now :P

Noel said on April 02, 2010

Hmm.. looks interesting. Gonna try it out.

Scott said on April 02, 2010

Nice little app. One addition that would make it even better would be to give it a custom icon for those of us that want to add it to our iPhone's home screen. Right now it shows the default jQTouch icon. Other than that, well played!

Recub said on April 05, 2010

Nice one snook. I actually bought a 3gs cause I wanted to try this thing out and see how long I could stick to it for. Mate, please make us an icon or let me know if you really dont want to, I could sketch something simple up for all of us.

Adriano Ferrari said on April 06, 2010

Hey all,

Great implementation. For those interested in extending this idea to other goals, my program HabitShaper does exactly that (with charts).

Check out the short intro video at

Vim said on April 07, 2010

100 push ups in six weeks seems do-able but hard for people like me who don't do much exercise, great way to start off fitness. This looks good so I'm gonna try try it out and get fit for summer

Phil Lindsay said on April 14, 2010

After reading your post I thought I'd have a play myself. Here is a little web app I put together using JQTouch and localStorage -

Thanks for the inspiration :)

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