Your blog is the only one I know that's using CakePHP at the moment - so I'm curious to see how you will get along with it.
Many users seem happy with MT for their CMS - so it is intriguing that you've decided to ditch it. I'm with Textpattern for my own site - but I'm toying with the idea of a different CMS at some point in the future, so knowing what else I could use is invaluable.

I really like the look of your (potential) v7 preview - but it would be a shame to see this version go as I'm really starting to get used to it.
I'm sure you'll probably keep it as one of the style to switch to (maybe?)

Jonathan Snook said on September 18, 2006

Matt: MT has been decent for most of the time. I felt many jumped off the MT bandwagon over to WordPress way too quickly. The Spam filtering in the current version of MT, for example, is simply superb. I just found myself either having to use a plugin, or hacking up the Perl source to accomplish the things I wanted. Now, with CakePHP as my platforum, I have the flexibility to extend it quickly and easily.

Part of the reason for the switch to CakePHP was to have the theming capabilities. That way, when a new version did roll out, people can choose the look and feel that they prefer. On the flip side, I think people complain about new designs way too quickly. They don't let them settle in.

Johan: I did plan to release a CMS but the blog engine behind this isn't it. Once I get something a little more polished put together, I'll probably release the blog engine for the masses.

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