It overlaps quite fine so I don't know if it even is a bug but it is really annoying anyway...

Jonathan Snook said on November 07, 2006

Alexander: thanks for that. The preview is doing what it's supposed to but obviously not a welcome solution. So, I've disabled the preview for now until I can come up with something useful. As much as I like the fixed comments, it certainly has its downfalls.

Fredrik W?¤rnsberg said on November 07, 2006

testing testing :)

Montoya said on November 07, 2006

Wouldn't it be possible to integrate Akismet with this site? That would be really cool.

Jonathan Snook said on November 07, 2006

Montoya: yes, I've been contemplating using Akismet. I have the library sitting on my desktop as it has been for about a month. I was concerned about performance so I haven't integrated it yet but it could find its way in one day.

Binny V A said on November 07, 2006

If you see this, comments are working with Firefox 2.0 on Fedora Core 3

Cole Mickens said on November 08, 2006

You should allow for temporary comment editing. Just a thought ;)

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