My name is very unique, specially my surname im nearly sure theres no one else with my first and last name at the same time.

Well, if i used it online i'd be identified very easily which would bring some advantages and some disadvantages as well.

I decided not to use my real name but stick with a nickname instead which i have been using nearly every single place i register in (except in some places i have no interest in being recognized).
You never know what the future may know enemies or whatsoever could use that information to hurt you.

Since my name is unique it would be like showing everyone what is my national identification number, if they had access to any database where they could search for my name, they would find me easily.

Anyone that searched my last name in that site would very easily know my address :)

Yeah i know it's not exactly my address (it's my parents', i live with them) and they could have it removed from there but i still hope you get the point.

paperless said on April 02, 2008

Two more examples:

By searching for my name on google you would easily find some of the grades i have been taking on university lately (PDF files).

Also, i once said my real name in a chatroom, people found it very funny and it went around from "mouth to mouth" until it reached a channel topic and now it's stored on Gogloom (they track some IRC channels' topics).

It's harmless, sure but once you put your real name (or any kind of information) in the wild you never know where it could end in.

Jonathan Drain said on April 06, 2008

I like this idea. Although I used to go by aliases on internet forums, I started posting under my real name when my writing began to be published in a magazine and I wanted to be associated with that on certain forums. It's reasonably distinctive and uncommon name, although not unique - I've had an e-mail from an alter self who eerily has similar interests to my own.

Malcolm Almeida said on April 08, 2008

Thanks for the tips, they sure are helpful. I am just starting to get into this 'brandwagon' and your tips would definitely get me there :D

by the way, how is 'mloclam' for a brand name - its my name spelt backwards

Kaanon said on April 21, 2008

Re: malcolm - It's probably too hard to spell.

I'm actually mulling of this myself, as I am gearing up to more side work. Shall I go with what I already have "", or shall I create a company name which I will then have to maintain. I'm a little apprehensive, because the spelling of my name is unique, and most people get it wrong the first time.

Trace Cohen said on September 15, 2008

These are great tips for anyone starting to establish and create their personal brand. As you said, it is all about consistency. You have to use the same name, avatar and/or logo on any website you contribute to so that you can easily be found under that alias by anyone who wants to get in contact with you. Social networks though are the best way to be found and heard. There are millions of people out there looking for someone else to interact with, so you dont need to be a hero to become famous, you just need to be able to do something better than the next guy.At we aim to establish a studenta€?s personal brand early so they can get the job of their dreams and love what they do. By establishing an online presence to control what comes up in Google while staying true to their brand, they should have no problem getting the job they want and deserve. For more actionable tips to strengthen your personal brand on the web please go to our blog at

Smith said on February 16, 2009

I think maintaining your real identity is important. How can you be your own brand without being you? But in regards to all the different social networking sites, who wants to maintain all those? I have found that is everything Jon suggested in this article in one place.

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