And thanks for explaining the techniques used in creating the slant. Awesome :)

Adrian said on January 17, 2009

Very nice. Well done.

Jehzeel Laurente said on January 21, 2009

awww.. How i missed the old design on this website... This new design rocks and the old design as well.

I wonder if you have any archives of the old design.. or maybe release it as a public XHTML template.. hehe :D

Fitz said on January 21, 2009

Looks like comments are back. Good thing everything went fine.

Jason said on January 22, 2009

Good to see your off Dreamhost. I need to do the same as well, as they are not that reliable anymore. So you moved to a dedicated server somewhere else I am guessing?

The design looks weird, nice but just weird looking. I suddenly get that Nintendo Excitebike feeling when viewing your site.

Mikko Lauhakari said on January 28, 2009

Nice Nice, really liking the new design.
I really love the color combo on your site, U feel calm when you enter =]

Mike said on February 04, 2009

Great design, definitely unique, and I always like black (dark) / green combos. Nice job on the '3D!'

Michiel Van Kets said on February 16, 2009

well, I like it, but what did I miss? It's looking this for some time now, no?

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