(I'm sorry; did he say Sharepoint?)

Eugene Sutula said on April 23, 2008

Amazing idea!
Actually we suffer from email chaos too: when project is set in project management system people (mostly clients) continue to send direct emails...

Jonathan, what if people involved in project will send a carbon copy to project email address? In this case everybody will be able to communicate directly by email, but system will keep a track of all communications. Even more, it will be possible to store internal communication apart from rest correspondence by checking number of recipients of each letter.

Jonathan Snook said on April 23, 2008

@Eugene: being able to CC: the project email does sound like a good idea. I did feel it was important that the project email be considered the primary email, otherwise, people are more likely to forget about it. I know I constantly forget to hit Reply All and miss all the people originally CC'd. On a related note, maybe a BCC to the project email can archive the email but not distribute it, and a CC may distribute to everybody but who was in the original email. Just some thoughts... :)

Henning said on April 24, 2008

Check out Salesforce + Google Apps

Sound like what you're proposing.

Torsten said on April 24, 2008

Well I think this is a very useful idea especially in teams in which lots of people have to work together for a single client. In such cases it's necessary to transfer all the relevant informations to each person of that team to get an optimal output. Regarding this I think your idea would be very useful.

Johan said on April 25, 2008

Problem is that some tasks are not on email but are tasks coming from clients that visit us, telephone conversations, fax and written prints. We loose info that way a lot.

Stephen Walker said on May 04, 2008

There's a startup in the Seattle area that's in stealth mode right now, but from what I've heard, it's a platform much like basecamp, except with extended features like you mentioned -- especially the ability to send files into it via email.


PM Hut said on October 20, 2008

An interesting idea would be to intelligently classify and categorize emails in the system. Let's assume, for example, that the designer sent some PSDs, and then did some updates, and sent another version of the PSDs. The application should intelligently know that these PSDs should be grouped together (versioning) with little or no work from the designer (the designer doesn't have to do anything to tell the application that this is just another version of the previous PSD).

This is but a small example. I think what such applications lack at the moment is intelligence, and you can easily apply intelligence to every single aspect of any application.

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