if (navigator.appName == 'Netscape') {

WD Milner said on February 18, 2006

All that work and they leave out title="Example Link Location"


Filip said on February 22, 2006

:hover is very well supported. Just needs a little bit of "special care" and 3 seconds worth of paying attention :

.main {
font-size : 12px;
font-family : Tahoma;
text-decoration : none;
padding-left: 10px; }

.main text {
color : #000000;
background : #348348;
padding-left: 10px;
padding-right: 10px; }

.main text:hover {
color : #348348;
background : #000000;
padding-left: 10px;
padding-right: 10px; }


<text>Link Location</text>

Jesse Skinner said on February 22, 2006

@Filip: 2 things:

1. there is no text tag
2. this doesn't work in IE, IE only allows hover on A tags (only with hrefs, and with a pre-defined A rule at that!)

(Note to others: Filip's HTML here has been filtered, but in the e-mail notifications looked like:)

<a class="main" >
<text>Link Location</text></a></div>

Luiz Jr. said on February 22, 2006

Isn't it because IE?, in IE the :hover event don't can be used for div elements....

Richard white said on February 23, 2006

Yeah what Luiz Jr. said, this is obviously done for IE, unless of course you want every hoverable thing on your site/application to be an anchor.

Luiz Jr. said on July 30, 2006

And what do you say for me about csshover.htc and csshover2.htc ? It's a good method to try to do with the brownsers that do not have the trully implementation of CSS2, like the hover, active and focus methods, understanded this good functionality

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