This design is a beauty and I think there is a lot of consoidation going on everywhere, so its good to see you still keeping up with the trends. Dang I just noticed that my comment is filled in as I type. You crazy, crazy man. Btw, I will get around to changing the link to point here instead of withcake very, very soon.

Bakery is coming along pretty nicely. About 2-3 new posts a day. We do not always publish them right away as several are in need of revision.

Kiper said on October 24, 2006

Smooth, stylish and artistic... (the new design, that is)
It's soo... Snook :)
I am glad that you're merging WithCake into Snook. It makes it easier to keep an eye on you...

You're the Da Vinci of the internet!

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