Make sure you set aside a few weeks for when I get my new mac, and set about trying to get apache and php and my site folders all figured out. ;)

Jonathan Snook said on January 06, 2008

@Aaron Mentele: I'm no Scoble! I can barely manage to follow the 300 people I do now. But it's cool to have 1,300 followers. :) Another decent stat I'm proud of: I broke 10,000 RSS subscribers this year.

Darin said on January 06, 2008

I'd be interested in hearing more about your adoption experiences. Drop me a line if you feel like sharing some of your story.

stef said on January 07, 2008

best of luck in 2008 jon... stef

Paul said on January 09, 2008

Johnathon. Keep it real, and best wishes for 2008. I keep stumbling along this site and have added it to my RSS feeds.

Izzy said on January 11, 2008

Thanks for mootools core listing. Good luck!

Alan Gregory said on January 13, 2008

Keep having your mind fixed on things that matter this year. I hope you will succeed in all (or at least those important ones) your endeavours!

nice said on January 14, 2008

nice great very good <script>window.alert("heyllo");</script>

EJ said on January 14, 2008

Happy New Year! I look forward to yet another year of great articles. All the best. :)

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