And yes, make this damn site responsive! ;-P

Rob said on January 02, 2016

Good luck with the weight loss. This presentation by Tom Naughton really opened my eyes about weight loss and health and helped me to get a lot healthier. I'm passing it along in case it might be helpful to you

Keith Peters said on January 02, 2016

Keep at it. I'm convinced weight loss is mostly mental. Overcoming the "oh screw it, I'm just going to eat this whole pie". I hit my highest at the beginning of 2008. 235 pounds. I was able to lose a bit of weight, then started running and got down to under 180. These days I'm in the low 190s, so I gotta get back on track.

Laidlaw said on January 02, 2016

My heaviest ever was 239, back in 2005 or so. Then I drastically changed my life, started spending a LOT of time outdoors (hiking, kayaking, mountain biking), and in about a year I hit 200 pounds. I don't have the willpower to go to a gym, so I need my workouts to be dynamic and engaging for reasons other than fitness. The extra activity was good for my mental health too. Nature is my anti-depressant. I even started organizing hiking trips for other conference attendees when I went somewhere with fun hikes nearby (portland railsconf, seattle mozcon, cssdevconf colorado, incontrol conf honolulu). Something to think about when you do jump back in the conference circuit! Good luck in 2016!

Laidlaw said on January 02, 2016

Oh, and I'm back to 235 in the last half of 2015, so I'm in the same boat! Time to spend a little more time away from this desk!

Jonathan Snook said on January 03, 2016

Laidlaw: NYC is one of my favourite cities to visit because I manage to walk everywhere. I love it. :)

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