A beautiful post!!

Fraser Pearce said on November 01, 2011

A lovely bit of writing mate. Thank you.

I have similar parallels - I'm 34 with a 2 year old, and grew up in a divorced family. I never felt poor but my mother worked hard for what we had and in reality we had a lot less material things that most of my friends - but there was a lot of love and that's something you can't put a price on. Sure I had an Amstrad CPC 464 and then an Amiga A500, but I had to save up and work for every game, memory expansion and bit of software (and later upgrade to the A1200) - but that fuelled my passion and taught me the worth of my craft (to be - I'm a Web Developer now). This was all in the days before the Internet, so information wasn't as free and accessible as it is now. Computer magazines were the medium of choice and I used to swap and borrow them at school.

Now in my working life I know what it means to sometimes do a job because you need to pay the bills, not because its what you want to do. Thinking about it, it saddens me that my parent have both done jobs because it was a case of having to in order to keep the wolves from the door. That must have been hard - even soul destroying - at times. I hope they know how thankful I am for it. I'm fortunate that so far I've only been in that situation a limited amount of time.

I'm very lucky - I have a lovely wife, amazing son, a good relationship with both my parents and a close relationship with my brother. Sure, life has its challenges - but I have a hell of a lot to be thankful for.

Ben said on November 01, 2011

Nice to read something different.

Happiness is only something you can pursue though, you can never actually have it.

Jonathan, you sound as though your happy.

Ramon Lapenta said on November 01, 2011

I think you mother made a good job by teaching you (doing some things and not doing others) to be a person who is able to realize something like this. Unsure is good.

I don't think about happiness as something you have to (or can) pursue. You either have it or not. And by "have it" I mean feel it, make it, accept it.

Zulema said on November 01, 2011

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I don't think anyone is ever sure, I know I'm not. As a recently divorced mom of two I can feel that fear sometimes too. My kids might not remember the fear though and I'm glad for that. :)

Paul said on November 01, 2011

@Snook Thanks for the good post!

As Zulema says, I also think that everyone is unsure. You can influence your future a bit, but you can't be sure what will happen later on. And maybe that's also the beauty of it.

For me (24) it helps me to take decisions like they aren't important at all. Later on I will be surprised with something good or bad. If it's a bad one I know that I have to change something. In both outcomes you will learn a lot and become a stronger person.

And maybe it's better now you're young to meet a lot of those bad decisions when not everything is at risk. And you can teach your children later on what not to do.

tiffehr said on November 01, 2011

Love this post. And the responses. Thank you for sharing, Jonathan.

mseeley said on November 03, 2011

Wow snook, great read.

Ol said on November 04, 2011

Hello !
I just discover your blog (with the excellent post for text rotating).
I don't know why, but I feel good since I've learn your message "Unsure"... It's full of peace and intelligence.
Thank you to be what you are, be unsure is the best way to learn of each others, older and younger too.
(Forgive me if my english is not perfect... I'm french).

Adriaan Nel said on November 05, 2011

Hi Jonathan, so very few people realize that family - especially your children are probably the most important aspect of your life. Life is short, we should make the most of it, and stop wasting time on unimportant things.

Awesome post, I really enjoyed it.

David Ngo said on November 07, 2011

I was expecting to see another tech-related tip. And then I read this.

I enjoyed it a lot more :).

nishat said on November 07, 2011

Hats off to your mom.

Dirk said on November 21, 2011

One of your feed readers, think I'll never left a comment before. Just came by to appreciate your post. Thank you!
Regards from Berlin

belajar forex said on November 23, 2011

thanks, i would like the post

Mom said on December 09, 2011

Thank you, son. This is beautiful. You're probably just realizing I don't know everything because I spent so many years telling you 'Moms know everything'. I'm sure your kids will turn out as good as you did.

Ryan said on January 02, 2012

Very nice. When it comes down to it pretty sure we all feel like children inside. Personally, I've found happiness in a repaired relationship with God through what he did on the cross to repair it with us, his most prized creation. It's not let me down yet--18(?) yrs and counting.
Hope you find the secret to happiness. Thanks for the post.

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