Your mileage may vary.

Matthew Pennell said on February 01, 2006

...the release of this beta allows us web-devs to fix up any issues with our sites...

Of which there may be quite a few - it's not looking too good at the moment; I feel quite lucky that I've only got a fairly small portfolio...

Matthias said on February 02, 2006

hey Justin, you could've reverted as well by finding your way to add/remove programs and ticking the from-me-up-until-yesterday-ignored "show updates" in the top right.

Yes I did spend 20 minutes on finding out how to uninstall ie7b2.

I just tested the iexplore.exe.local approach you suggested for beta1, it works fine with me. But let's not forget: That doesn't mean it works on any other machine, or that I didn't just fuck up my opportunity to install the final version once it's out.

Matthias said on February 03, 2006

Ah. Nevermind my previous comment. It's all fine until the next reboot, and then every url you type into IE6 is opened in what's set as your standard browser, Firefox in my case. This change, a registry change I presume, happens when you first start up the manual copy of IE7.

Good thing to have System restore points...

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