But the competition always feels primarily manufactured. I'm not aware of very many sites being built with Wordpress; blogs, yes, even fairly elaborate ones, but still primarily just blogs. Expression Engine I think many people just find daunting because of the amorphousness of customizable content types. Because a lot of people just plain want to build a blog. And the circle is complete *grin*

Biscuitrat said on June 05, 2007

I, frankly, love Movable Type and while I never upgraded from 3.2 to 3.3 (the upgrade process scared me), it keeps getting easier and easier. What with the probable open-source movement, Movable Type might become more popular. Granted, it will never overtake WordPress, but I still prefer it regardless.

So yeah, the announcement kind of brightened my day. Movable Type users aren't exactly few and far between.

Roger Johansson said on June 06, 2007

I'm still around. Despite all its problems it works well for me.

Carlo Laitano said on August 05, 2007

I've been an avid MT user for some time now. I've tried adventuring into the Wordpress world and the Expression Engine world but I never really decided for them. My first argument is the templating system. I've found MT a lot more flexible with it's template tags and archive mapping. I'm so cumfortable with it that I can honestly say I run a full, very large to say, website using MT almost exclusively (I use a gallery and message board as well).

I tried using Expression Engine the same way but I never really got comfortable with it. Using MT together with a couple of plugins, my site has grown into a very extensive magazine-type community including news, reviews, previews, events calendar, downloads, articles, bios and much more.

As soon I saw the new MT 4beta I tested it out; and although it still has some bugs to be fixed (i'm using release candidate 2 at the moment) i'm pretty happy with the turnout. Now i'm just waiting for some plugins to release their MT4 version and i'll surely transfer all of my site's content to my mt4 installation.

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