I just set up my own local svn repo for all my projects, details here.

The guys at Circle Six also put together a Subversion 'how' that was really helpful for me.

Matthew K said on April 28, 2007

Ive been using SVN hosted on Dreamhost for the last year and a half. I don't know how I lived without it. Adding tortoisesvn into the mix makes working on two machines a snap... Finish work on the laptop... right-click commit... when I sit down at my desktop... right-click update... breezy...

Matthew Anderson said on May 03, 2007

Excellent tip, man. I just started using SVN at the new job and didn't even know there was such a thing as these hosted options. Thanks!

Tijs said on May 07, 2007

svnrepository.com looks interesting and it's dirt cheap. anyone have any experience with these guys?

Michael Noga said on May 08, 2007

I've been using SVN for a while now. I've tried UnFuddle, no complaints but I have SVN with one of my Hosting providers (TextDrive) and it works great. Using it to update your live site is a great idea too. Some of my small sites I just do and SVN Export since you don't get the .svn directories with it. On larger sites I use the update and then either restrict access to those directories or run a script that removes all the .svn directories.

dotvoid said on May 10, 2007

I still haven't converted to subversion from CVS totally but I usually have my own repositories though. You mention that dreamhost, occasionally experience downtime. That could be really dangerous if you are hosting client projects and you need quickly need access to the code. One thing that would be good to mention in your overview is information about how simple it is to export projects with all version history intact from the different providers.

scott said on May 12, 2007

I'll second Unfuddle.com I've used the free package for a very small website, and I have not had a problem.

Brent said on May 18, 2007

Hosted Subversion definitely takes some of the headache out of setting it up yourself. However, you also loose some of the control. I have a DreamHost account as well, but I also use a private server for development, and wanted to integrate my repository with my development sites, SSL, and LDAP. The setup took awhile, and was a bit painful, so I documented the process, or at least the tricky parts, to save others some time.

Mark said on May 26, 2007

We are really happy using DevGuard.com

Chuck L. said on June 23, 2007

We've hosted with CVSDude.com for over 3 years now- love these guys! They've helped us grow from a 3 person Bay Area startup into a 25 person company, with overseas contractors. Their biggest value has been access to expertise- we routinely email them just for advice or design questions. They say they're the original "free and commercial" cvs/svn hosting company, and whether this is the case or not, they know what they're talking about and reply right away. Performance is great, although they have a lot of customers and sometimes we notice a bit of slowdown during peak hours. Their new file cluster system (now in beta) doesn't seem to slow down. Go the Dude!

Floyd PRice said on September 27, 2007

We have recently release Code Spaces which Includes Secure Subversion Hosting, Issue Traking, Project Management, etc...

We have free plans and fast secure servers.

Michael Ching said on October 05, 2007

I'm writing from wush.net. Use the coupon code 'SNOOK' (no quotes) on our sign-up page and you'll receive 10% off our starter or pro package for the life of your account.

Floyd Price said on November 15, 2007

Code Spaces have just added a Free 50mb subversion Hosting plan, with SSL, Issue Tracking, Project Management and Real Time Backups.

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