I was due to add a comparison chapter, and more, but various real life issues meant I just couldn't commit any more time to writing.

WD Milner said on May 17, 2006

Firstly I'll admit I haven't read the book - yet. I have a large pile of backlog reading to get to.

On the TextPattern plug-in topic, there is always http://textpattern.org/ whch boasts over 300 plug-ins plus mods, templates etc.

Johan said on May 18, 2006

@ WD Millner: is that avatar pic: Thomas Moore?

WD Milner said on May 18, 2006

Johan: Indeed it is Sir Thomas Moore. When I first found gravatar.com it was actually in my image cache and didn't need to be resized so I used it to test the service. I just haven't bothered as yet to change it to something more original.

WD Milner said on May 20, 2006

To correct a typo that II perpetuated due to being somewhat groggy at the time I replied it should be More, not Moore.

h?vard said on May 28, 2006

you are a GENIOUS!!! love u man..

Mathew said on August 19, 2007

I found this review most helpful, thank you. The book seems to be more at a foundation level, however, so I'll probably give it a miss.

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