I briefly had a chance to skim through 'PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice' by Apress and it looked like a great book for diving into advanced PHP, patterns, etc.

Also, a book by Wrox called 'Professional PHP' does an incredible job of covering PHP5, objects, design patterns, scaling, caching, and server setup (as well as some good tips for project/client management).

As for frameworks, I haven't seen many books that cover everything (including frameworks). You will most likely have to get a framework specific book.

Hope this helps....

Cory said on February 01, 2007

I am anxiously awaiting getting this book really soon. It appears to be very well written. I am still pretty new to PHP so hopefully this book is going to give me that solid foundation to get started right.

Thanks for the review, you have certainly helped in my decision to buy the book.

Alistair said on May 21, 2007

I've also read PHP solutions and can vouch for its usefulness. It's a great book but i wouldn't recommend it people who've had no exposure whatsoever to php. There is more appropriate titles that will give you a more gentle introduction:

1) "Codin' for the web" is probably the gentlest introduction to php i've seen and is good for designers who have no prior programming experience but are looking to make their websites dynamic. I wish i read this before a lot of more difficult titles i struggled to get through.

2) My favourite php book is "PHP & MySQL" by Larry Ullman. He really is a superb author, his style is fantastic, so clear and concise. I highly recommend this one for beginners and intermediates in php.

Anyone with some other good php book recommendations?

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